Immunization of BALB/c Mice and Serum Screening (approximately 8 weeks)

Eight mice are immunized with antigen(s) provided by customer. Antigen conjugation and purification services are available for an additional charge. At day 35, and later if necessary, mice are test bled and screened for titer by ELISA. If no acceptable response is found during this phase, a protion of the projects cost will be retained for services up to this point and the remaining balance of deposit will be refunded.

Fusion and Screening of Hybridoma Supernatant (approximately an additional 8-10 weeks)

Upon successful completion of Phase A, selected mice will be euthanized and the spleens harvested. A fusion procedure will be performed and the cells will be distributed into six or eight multiwell plates (96 well) per spleen. Screening will be performed by ELISA using previously supplied antigen. Hybridoma lines from up to ten wells with the highest absorbency by ELISA will be amplified and the supernatants supplied to the investigator. If after the first fusion attempt no acceptable development is observed, a second fusion attempt will be made utilizing previously immunized mice remaining from Phase A. At this point if there is still no response, you the PI or PRF&L has the option to terminate at this point and you will only be charged up to this point for work completed.

Cloning (approximately an additional 6-8 weeks totaling about 22-26 weeks)

One to five previously developed parental hybridomas will be selected, cloned and then screened by ELISA. Clones with desired titer and specificity will be expanded and cryopreserved. At least five clones will be provided and delivered to the customer depending on the stability of chosen hybridomas.

Total completion cost for phases A, B, & C is $9000 per antigen (depending on current costs).

Custom Monoclonal Antibody Production by in vitro methods

Yield of approximately 50 to 100mg per batch

The customer's cell line is amplified using three liter tissue culture polyethylene bags. Monoclonal antibodies are isolated using a protein G column. Available only for IgG producing lines. - $ inquire
Other protocols are available and the success with a certain protocol is dependent on the cell line.


Initial Cell Culture Charge (only if lines are supplied to us frozen)
Culture / Expand frozen lines and assess quality prior to production - $ inquire  per line

Amplification and Cryopreservation (10 vials @ 1 - 2 million cells per vial, storage for one year) - $ inquire
each additional line - inquire

Cryopreservation (if we developed line) - $100 per line per year

Mycoplasma Testing

One or first line - inquire
Each additional line to be tested at the same time - inquire


One or first line /antibody - inquire
Each additional line to be isotyped at the same time - $ inquire

Quantitation of Mouse IgG

One or first sample - inquire 
Each additional sample at the same time - inquire

Purification of IgG using Protein G Chromatography

(Protein A is available, please inquire)
Up to 25ml - $425
26 to 50ml - $775
51 to 100ml - $1035

$75 per sample