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PRF&L shall not be responsible for delay, nondelivery or default in shipment in whole or in part if occasioned by strikes, war, riot, terroristic acts or revolutions, or for any delay in transportation due to demands or embargoes of the United States Government, or any other government, or damage, destruction of an obtained or customer supplied biological or chemical component, or nondelivery or delays through fires, floods, droughts, accidents, insurrections, lockouts, breakdown of machinery, commandeering of vessel carrying goods, or from loss or damage in transit, or detention or delay of vessel, resulting directly or indirectly from an act of God, perils of the sea, stoppage of labor, shortage of cars, or by refusal of any necessary license or government restrictions considered as "Force Majeure" or by any other unavoidable cause at any stage of the product development or transit of goods beyond PRF&L's control, and in no case shall PRF&L be responsible after delivery of goods in good order and condition to the carrier or carriers at any point of shipment.