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---- $199 ----

Custom Polyclonal Antibody Special

 Rabbit Antibody -- $199 for one rabbit

Chicken Antibody -- $199 for one chicken

Rat Antibody -- $199 for two rats

Conditions for this special:
1.  All services must be paid prior to shipping
2.  For this pricing, customer will not be able to select the sex or age of the animals.
3.  The immunization and bleeding protocol will be a 42 day scheme.  Freunds adjuvants will be used with your antigens.  Injections will be at day 0, day 14, and day 28 and the animals will be exsanguinated at day 42.  All injections will be subcutaneous or intramuscular
4.  The only permitted variances to the protocol will be as follows:
    a. Preimmune Bleed - $19 extra
    b. Open protocol after day 42.  Animal will be bled at day 42 and kept alive.  All procedures and maintenance fees after day 42 will be at the prevailing Custom Protocol Antibody Production Price Schedule in effect at the day of the procedure.
5.  Shipping costs are not included.
6.  This offer may be withdrawn at anytime and without notice.
7.  Pocono Rabbit Farm & Laboratory continues to offer our 28 Day Mighty Quick, 70 and 91 day protocols as described and priced at
8.  The $199 Antibody Order Form, dated May 7, 2018, must be used to order the project to qualify for pricing.

 $199 Antibody Order Form


 Client Information Form


Order NOW!   PRF&L reserves the right to withdraw this offer at anytime.