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 Guinea Pig Antibody Production - without the setup fees. 

That’s right —  Pick any Guinea Pig Antibody Production Protocol and we will give you free setup.

You pick the protocol and we will give you the setup costs for free.


Traditional 70 Day Protocol - $339.50 – Now $254.50

Traditional 84 Day Fusion Protein Protocol - $428 – Now $343


91 Day Protocol – per two guinea pigs - $599 – Now - $429

91 Day Protocol with peptide synthesis and conjugation - $995 – Now $825


Design your own protocol – setup fee - $85 – Now $0

            Other procedures as per polyclonal antibody price schedule.


28 Day Mighty Quick Protocol in Guinea Pig - $385 – Now $300

49 Day Mighty Quick Protocol in Guinea Pig – $570 – Now $485


Order Soon - Please note that this is a limited time offer and can be withdrawn without notice.  Minimum protocol cost of $250 per animal to qualify for this no setup fee offer.  You must reserve the guinea pigs by phone or email to ensure that the no charge setup will be in effect for your project.  This can not be combined with any other offer or discount program.

To order, please visit our Beginning New Projects Page.